Weekly Classes

Holiday plan 2018

School holidays in the state of Berlin and Brandenburg 5.7. – 19.8.2018

Berlin Dates: Kufürstenstr. 3, 10785 Berlin
Wednesday 4.7. – 16 h baby ballerina up to 5 years, 17 h children’s ballet from 5 years
Wednesday 4.7. – 18 h Oriental, 19.30 h Oriental
Thursday 5.7. – 18.15 h ballet
Wednesday 18.7. – 18 h ballet adults, 19 h Oriental
Wednesday 1.8. – 16 h baby ballerina, 17 h children ballet, 18 h dance fitness, 19 h oriental
Wednesday 15.8. – 16 h baby ballerina, 17 h children’s ballet, 18 h oriental

Action Holiday Family Fun: Parents and Kids Dance !!! The parents of the dance children can catch up with their children’s classes during this holiday plan! Children also those of their parents!



This pre-ballet class for children introduces the children to the basics of ballet in a playful way, while training coordination, feeling for rhythm, strength, and flexibility


CHILDREN BALLET 7 – 10 years

Ballet is a dream for many girls, boys, and also adults. Even if your child does not become a professional classical ballerina/dancer, the feeling for grace, elegance, good posture, and the joy of discipline will remain forever.




Ballet is a dream for many girls, boys, and of course adults. Even if you do not become a profesional classical ballerina/dancer, the feeling for grace, elegance, good posture, and the joy of discipline will remain forever. We offer high quality classes on an international level (also for professionals).

Horacio was a soloist of the San Francisco Ballet for 8 years, where he danced in more than 40 classical and modern ballets. During his time in the San Francisco Ballet, Horacio Cifuentes was training with many excellent ballet teachers (Anatol Vilzak, Michael Smuin, David Howard, Erik Bruhn, Valentina Pereweslawek, Terry Westmoreland, and others). He developed a method with which also adult non-dancers could enjoy the grace and harmony of classical ballet without injuries. Advanced dancers know how to appreciate and estimate his corrections and explanations.

We also offer an introduction course for adult ballet beginners.



Floor Barre is ideal for dancers, dance students, athletes, injured or older participants. This class is a mix of muscle-strength training and stretching exercises. The strengthening of the torso and the correction of posture help to avoid and ease back pain, and to execute movements in the everyday life as well as in dance in a correct way.

This class enhances the self-confidence for posture with the torso as power center, and helps to develop strong legs muscles and beautiful lines.



The class comprises an introduction to Tribal Fusion Bellydance, fluid movements, pop & locks, shimmies, layering, movement in space, floorwork, and back bends, which will lead to choreographies.


ORIENTAL (Bellydance)



Oriental dance combines both strong and relaxed movements. It enhances body awareness due to isolations and coordination exercises. All general dance technique like turns, posture, positioning of arms and legs, strong internal isolations as well as movement in space will give you a sense of grace and fluidity. You will learn to „let go“ with the typical „shimmies“, find „new muscles“ and be strong like a bodybuilder while working at your torso muscles. What looks soft and feminine on the outside has a powerful and healthy center.

Oriental dance is bliss for body, spirit, and soul!

In addition to the weekly classes we offer workshops, intensive trainings, festivals with shows, contest, bazaar, performance possibilities, and much more. Please also see our CATT-Training (Certified Academic Teacher Training).