„Coming to this studio always feels like coming home. A beautiful space to work in, to share and to grow. Horacio and Beata Cifuentes are two of the most dedicated artists I have ever had the pleasure of studying with. Their vast knowledge base, creativity, generosity and commitment always inspire. They raise the barre for all of us. Come and see for your self, you won’t be disappointed“

[Samantha Emanuel – United Kingdom]


„My personal number 1 in oriental dance classes! During CATT I fell in love with Beata and Horacio’s teaching as well as their beautiful studio.

Well researched and interesting classes, challenging but fun in a friendly and warm atmosphere!“

[Patricia Zarnovican – Germany]


„Thank you so much to Beata and Horacio for creating the top-professional yet cosy and intimate space that is the Tanzakademie Cifuentes. And with the space, also the heart and soul you have put into bringing in new visionary cross-training possibilities for dancers of both tribal and oriental style. With your programs I have been lucky to study with some of the world’s most amazing teachers in one lovely place .. but best of all, to also study with both of you – your huge talent, knowledge and humour will alway be an inspiration to me!“

[Dud Muurmand – Denmark]


„A charming and incredibly beautiful studio, it offers professional instructions for all levels of students. Tanzakademie Cifuentes is a home for loval and international community and projects, where creativity grows in all directions! Beata and Horacio are truly one of the most incredible angel-like people on earth and at the same time, very serious, dedicated and hard-core about dance on a very high level. It is impossible not to fall in love with them and the studio!“

[Manca Pavli – Slovenia]


„The environment that Beata and Horacio have created in Tanzakademie Cifuentes is that of a welcoming studio where I felt instantly inspired to dance. Because they are both highly creative artists that focus on dance as an artform, their festival as well as their CATT Company is of a hifh quality and what dance is truly about.“

[Boženka – United States]


„Beata and Horacio will offer you one of the best places in the worls where you feel at home right away with a warm welcome, good conversations, art and great dance classes filled with solid knowledge at their studio.“

[Tjarda – the Netherlands]


„Dear Beata and Horacio,

Thanks for the valuable feedback. It was clear and easy to understand. I take it to me and think of the mentioned areas for improvement. I experienced the exam very positive and well thought through. It was educational to take the test together with the other participants, making mistakes together and learn from each other. I am super happy to have two extremely engaged and professional  dance teachers and I am already looking forward to the next session.

Have a nice day ahead!



[Katja Hannukainen – Sweden]


„Dear Beata and Horacio,

I want to thank you for your hard work, warmth, and the wonderful festival show! Horacio blew us away with his fluid versatility and you, Beata, are a true diva! We were enchanted by your interpretation! It is always an enriching experience to be parto of the contest in Berlin. My students are motivated and work harder than ever. I hope to come back next year, even though my girls have some examens coming up I am confident that we see you again soon.

In the meantime have a nice summer, 1000 and 1 kisses.



[Claudine Leyer – Switzerland]


„Dear Beata and Horacio,

when I came to you in 2001 you opened the door for me to a new world, a life of joy and happiness. Ever since I am very glad to take class with two such professional, world famous and warm teachers who made a difference in oriental dance. I am looking forward to each day in class with you!“

[Sevkiye Seeland – Germany]


„Dear Horacio and Beata,
for eight years I was your student in your beautiful studio, performed in your student shows, and met teachers from all over the world at your events. I grew as a dancer because of your professionalism.
Due to my work life I cannot take class at the moment, I really miss it! I am very picky about the didactic quality, so it says a lot for me that I stayed that long. Horacio’s classes are so healthy, exciting, strong, challenging, and relaxing at the same time. His choreography are on the highest level and were pure delight for me.
Beata, your are the epidemy of femininity for me, a woman who lives her life exactly as she wants to. In my work as an actress and director you were a delightful source of inspiration to me, beautiful, with the typical Berlin humor, the most beautiful arm and hand movements I ever saw in an oriental dancer. Fantastic and unique. Your work as mc in the show is funny and extraordinary, you should think about going professional!
So many new teachers came from your studio, you inspire dancers worldwide with your shows and your incredible and unique costumes that you design together, masterfully embroidered by Horacio and your uncomparable style, Beata. You are medicine for my senses!
I loved being with you and you are always in my heart, thank you for everything, I will be back!“

[Christine Kostopetsch – Germany]

„At one point I decided to take oriental dance serious and study it, so I came to Beata & Horacio. Those two just know. I feel that they put the Oriental Dance on a high level. My occasional learning problems are delt with humor, patience, and much attention to details – they are also didactic professionals!“
[Christin Machel – Germany]