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Dear dancers,

we like to present you with a special offer:

 Try Our Month:
1x per person flatrate for one whole month all classes (starting with your first class) 50 €

For the dance addict:
 10 class card á 100 €
 20 class card á 160 €, , both valid 4 month

Classes are available via Zoom. Contact us for details.








WORKSHOP   Samstag, 9.10.2021, 18.15 – 20.15 Uhr

Fancy Fusion Flow! Intermediate Level and up

with PATRICIA ZARNOVICAN!! CATT guest teacher!
Kombinationen & Drills mit dem Schwerpunkt auf binnenkörperlichen Techniken für nahtlose Übergänge und gleichzeitig schnelle, flüssige und dennoch präzise artikulierte Bewegungen.
Combinations and Drills emphazising on isolation techniques for perfect flow. Make your fast moves precise and clearly visible!