CATT testimonials

CATT testimonials:
„….whether you want to improve your own dance, become a better teacher, or get more knowledge about the dance – CATT offers a unique possibility to get it all in one package….“

Maizena Harmon, Denmark

„….Beata & Horacio make us work hard to get the course through, but the rewards were tremendous, every one in the course grew a lot and became a better dancer….“

Angelica Khessib, UK.

„….during CATT I got friends from all over Europe that have the same passion for bellydance and teaching….“

Madam Qadam, Norway

„I cannot put into words how much the CATT programme, and Horacio and Beata Cifuentes, mean to me as a dance student, teacher and person. If you are a Tribal or Oriental dancer and wish to grow in ways you can’t imagine, this is for you. This really is top quality teaching in a setting very few other dance schools offer.

If you register for the next run of CATT (2016-2017) you will also get to hang out with me in Berlin for a few weekends, as I’ve missed some days and wish to repeat others. It’s a win-win situation!

Pernilla Sund, Sweden


Thank you for your feedback on the examination. It was very valuable to get your thoughts about my mastering skills of the many different styles, movements and techniques.

I really appreciate the time and energy you put down on planning, developing, executing and valuating the examination. Some parts of your feedback I am already aware of and struggling with to improve. And some movements I did not even think about before the examination. Movements that I learned several years ago without sufficient guidance and movements that I did not put energy to learn properly yet or that I was not aware of. To begin with I will definitely start thinking about my feet more. I will also try to relax more in the shoulder area and work on my arm movements when it comes to different styles and techniques. Receiving this feedback on all the movements is very important. With this information I can develop and grow as a dancer and with the help of your teaching I have already developed a lot.

I want to also thank you for the inspiration and motivation you have given throughout CATT. It arouses us to act towards our goals, finding and keeping the passion for dance and opens our curiousity towards oriental dance’s origins and history. Through your proper planning we are saving time and achieving our future goals faster by prioritizing training in certain individual movements.And I also want to thank you for a very clear communication and organization.

What you are doing is something unique that can not be found anywhere else.

Katja Hannukainen, Sweden


„I want to thank you for the detailed email about my exam. I also want to tell you that doing CATT was the best decision I’ve ever made. The 2 years were an incredible experience for me and I owe both of you master techers a new self confidence regarding my knowledge, more clearity and understanding of the dance in general. I feel so much more secure, I can identify rhythms and styles and now feel I have really arrived in the dance. With every CATT day I understood the dance better. I am incredibly grateful to you!“

Nina Melcher, Germany