Dance Classes Adults

Ballet- Beginner

Perhaps you always wanted to dance or took classes as a child and have never forgotten the joy of the beautiful movements? Also as a grown up you can experience the feeling for gracefulness, elegance and freedom of movement. This class contains the basics without a need for extreme flexibility but a sense of lines and coordination. 

Ballet Intermediate

Building on the basics this class contains combinations of new elements, enhancing the feeling for structure, use of space and gives a real feel of dance.  

Floor Barre + Stretching

Floor Barre is ideal for dancers, athletes, injured or older participants. It is a mix of muscle-strength training and stretching exercises. By strengthening the torso and correcting the posture it helps to avoid and ease back pain and to execute movements in the everyday life as well as in dance in a correct way. The result is not only healthy but also develops strong leg muscles and beautiful lines.


Walt and Magana Baptiste of San Francisco developed this method in the 60s as pioneers of yoga. Gentle postures, deep relaxation through breathing exercises as well as flexibilty and strength round up this tool to a better life. Feel younger, more relaxed and positive!

Oriental Dance:

The class contains strengthening and relaxing components, it trains body awareness with isolation, coordination and gracefulness. You learn to let go into the famous shimmies, to be feminine and free as well as strong. You will find „new muscles“ and experience joy of body, mind and soul.It is not easy to be a woman, let us take strength from a dance which has survived hundreds of years.

Apart from weekly classes and workshops we offer the internationally acclaimed CATT Certified Academic Teacher Training, a 2 year training in 4 semesters.



Feel the power of exotic rhythms and music translated into strength and cardio training. Followed by Cool Down and relaxation at the end. Please bring a towel, you can use one of our yoga mats.


South American temperament will brighten your mood and burn fat! Whether alone or as a couple – fitness and fun are guaranteed!


You want to feel good about yourself, feel strong but feminin, fit and sexy. Have fun and leave with a smile on your face!S


Monthly workshop for beginners in 3 blocks:  

Foxtrott + Discofox/ Slow Walz + Boogie (Jive)/ Viennese Walz + Cha Cha Cha. You can start any time because the blocks will be repeated.