Chapter 22 Freedom and Self-acceptance

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Chapter 22

Freedom And Self-Acceptance

Growing up I basically worshiped my mother. Please don’t take me wrong, I love my mother very much now, and have discerned that love by giving her the freedom to be who she is, with virtues and faults just like any other human.

Sadly, I grew up hating my father. I was as blind in my relationship to him as I was to hers. I saw my father as an ogre, a monster, and a disciplinarian. I avoided him as much as I could.

When we danced in Tokyo, Japan, I thought of my father constantly. I was so impressed by Japanese culture, by their wish for excellence and striving toward perfection; by their punctuality, cleanliness and their sense of harmony and esthetic. I felt I was in paradise. I had to think of the fact that my father often worked in Japan during my childhood; that he had built huge ships there and what high work standards one must perform in order to be accepted in such an advanced system. Suddenly, I saw him anew. He was a genius. My hero…

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