CATT – Certified Academic Teacher`s Training


































CATT – Certified Academic Teacher`s Training

CATT Training

The goal of CATT training is to provide participants with a clear system that offers a technical as well as a didactic method which, can be used for their teaching and dancing. The training emphazises polishing one’s own technique, a complete overview of oriental dance vocabulary as well as establishing all basics- a variety of subjects that make a solid teacher/dancer.

Building blocks and structure

The system leads from a basic to the main training phase. You can join the main training training after you passed the test at the end of first semester. At the end of each semestere is another examen. At the end of the fourth semester there is a final examination.

All subjects offered are obligatory. Partaking of examinations is mandatory unless participants do not wish to receive a certificate.

Dates per Semester:

There are 10 days per semester divided into three long weekends. Schedule is daily from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm

Participants must provide proof that they have had basic training in oriental dance or other dance form.

Price per semester is :

€ 1150 for complete payment

€ 1200 if paid in installments

Price per exam is € 75.