Chapter 9 Discovering Bellydance

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Chapter 9

Discovering Belly Dance

I often heard the sound of exotic drums and jingling of finger cymbals coming from upstairs at the yoga center. It was a challenge to concentrate on inner peace while the stimulating sounds of a belly dance class were going on at the same time.

After yoga class, I would rush upstairs to satisfy my curiosity. Once, instead of taking the yoga class with Walt’s replacement teacher, I decided to partake in the belly dance class with his wife, Magana Baptiste.

I found a natural affinity toward the movements right away. It reminded me of my early days at Ballet Folclorico, in Colombia. Soon, I was taking belly dance classes regularly. After three months, Magana asked me to participate in her school recital.

“But Magana, what should I do? I am always told what and how to dance at SFB.” “You can do anything you want,” was her reply…

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