Chapter 20 Egypt

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Chapter 20 Egypt

I had first heard about the Egyptian dancers and their sensational orchestras from Shareen El Safy, one of my early teachers of oriental dance (see Chapter 7).

Beata told me so much about her adventures with Cairo’s belly dance tailors, frustrations when dealing with Arabs, and the non-stop chaos of the city. But nothing could have prepared me for what happened on my first visit in 1991.

While in a taxi, we were stuck in a forty-five minute traffic jam on the way to Mme. Abla’s. I was having visions of apocalyptic proportion – air pollution, street filth and utter chaos. Suddenly a pick-up truck rode up on the sidewalk next to our taxi. In its open bed were piles of cow’s legs, wobbling livers and hordes of hovering flies. To add to the surreal scene, our driver casually lit up a cigarette (we believe smoking is a disgusting habit). Beata said to me, “welcome to Cairo.”…

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recording music at studio Um Kalthoum in Cairo

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