Chapter 17 Ibrahim Farrah

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hapter 17

Ibrahim Farrah

Dear Horacio,

It was great having you in New York for the teacher’s weeklong. You are a fast learner and possess all the right

ingredients of a master. I am very proud of you and share your passion for the dance. Always

remember, no matter how modern the dance may become, you must never lose the oriental essence.

You may not realize it now, but it is you who will be bringing oriental dance to the new millennium.

I am happy to see that someone like you, with your strong background, will give credibility to this dance

Don’t be discouraged and don’t let frustration bring you down.

Yours in dance,



I returned to San Francisco after teaching a very frustrating workshop in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, in the fall of 1987. Of ninety-six women in attendance, only three could follow the choreography I had planned. I was too inexperienced as a teacher to alter or modify my plan for the benefit of the students. Instead, I expected the students to adapt to me. That aspect of teaching maturity comes with time and experience.

The fact that a dance student has not had enough training to be able to absorb certain level of instruction does not make them a bad person. They simply need more time until they reach that level. It is the teacher’s responsibility to determine the level at which the given group finds itself and teach accordingly…

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