Chapter 13 Initiation

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Chapter 13


Walt’s spiritual retreat in El Salvador, Central America, was a paradise. It was located directly on the beach front with a swimming pool, a small gym, meditation rooms, a pyramid, and cages with many exotic animals. Walt escorted groups of yoga students there; about twelve to fifteen joined him several times a year. I was surprised to see that this time there were only four of us: Walt, Magana, “Big John” and me. Big John had been a disciple at the yoga center for years. He was a man with the body of a giant and the gentleness of a lamb.

“Do you boys, I mean, do you men want to continue with your regular yoga practice? Or do you want to reach new levels of awareness?”

Big John and I exchanged looks of suspense.

“We want to reach new levels, Gurudev.”

Big John echoed my answer.

“Alright then, after lunch, take your nap and meet me at four in the yoga room. You will receive initiation.”..

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