Chapter 4 Family Fiasco

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Chapter 4

Family Fiasco

During my early childhood I was always jealous of my brother Kiko. More than once Ricardo, Nitzy and I commented that mother loved Kiko more than the rest of us. But that misconception was due to the fact that mother gave him more attention than the rest of us. In fact, he needed it. Kiko was a special case, a most unusual character.

Ever since he was a small child Kiko had an inclination for the macabre. During Christmas we were in the habit of writing a letter to Santa Claus with a list of presents that we hoped to receive. I usually wanted a train or a bicycle. Kiko’s list however, was quite different. It included a knife, scissors, matches, guns, rifles, and all those sort of things. Kiko’s behavior was notorious and he was famous in the … Read More »

Chapter 3 Poland

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Chapter 3


Father booked us into the Grand Hotel in Gdansk, Poland, until we found a house. Upon arrival, I took a walk by myself to get a first impression, which can be described in a single word: gray.

Everything seemed colorless. I knew that people in the countries of Eastern Europe lived differently than we did in Colombia, I just could not imagine what it would be like. What we knew about socialism was vague and distant. I presumed a different life than ours, and I was quite ignorant about their system.

As I walked around Gdansk, everywhere I saw people with sad faces. They all wore the same style coats, some brown, some gray, occasionally navy blue. I could find no vibrant color anywhere. The buildings were either beige, dirty brown or gray. No color to be seen. A far cry … Read More »

Chapter 2 Spain

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Chapter 2


We took off in one of the Flota Mercante Grancolombiana ships from Buenaventura, on the Pacific Coast of Colombia, sailing through the Panama Canal and into the Atlantic.

Once in the deep water of the Caribbean, a hurricane approached and its tail hit our ship making it swing severely from side to side for three days. It was quite frightening. Everyone on board became sick. The huge waves and howling winds made us all miserable, including the Capitan, who did his best to remain composed.

The calm after the storm made for lovely natural scenes. Mother and I made stories and figures out of clouds. I imagined monsters, creatures and faces out of their cotton-like formations. She managed to invent stories out of those magnificent shapes and we passed the time entertained…


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The day after a successful performance of Oriental Fantasy at Berlin’s Tempodrom in 1992, I was standing in line at a fruit stand. The place was full of customers and the line was rather long. Suddenly, a man in a loud voice said:

“You are that belly dancer, aren’t you? That guy who has been featured in the papers recently – that’s right, you are that belly dancer!”

All heads turned towards me and the expression on their faces seemed meant to make me ashamed of myself.

By then I had developed an aversion to the term “belly dance.” I prefer to call myself an oriental dancer – actually it’s classical term. But then I would have had to explain what oriental dance is and people would always ask, “is that belly dancing?”

It seemed impossible to get away from that name, the stereotypes … Read More »

Gast Dozenten

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more information coming soon…

Dozenten für Orientalischen Tanz. Bauchtanz

Aida Nour, Diana Tarkhan, Eman Zaki, Hassan Afifi, Khaled Mahmoud, Lubna Eman, Madame Farida Fahmy, Madame Raqia Hassan, Madame Tahia Carioca, Magdy El-Leisy, Mahmoud Reda, Mohamed Hosseny, Mohamed Khazafy, Mohammed Khalil, Momo Kadous, Pharaon, Professor Hassan Khalil, Samasem, Shafeek Ibrahim, Tito, Yasmina.

Argentinien: Amir Thaleb

Dänemark: Anna Barner

Aladin El-Kholy, Antje Maria Lossin,  Badr El Ramah, Cihangir Gümüstürkmen, Leyla Nahrawess, Magdy El-Leisy, Magdy Youns, Manis, Reyhan, Rita Sherif, Sahela, Scheherezade, Zahra Bent Ammar.

Finnland: Amina

Leyla Haddad, Lolie Vernet, Lucie Pascalis, Malika Bakbouk

Indien: Sudarsana Kumar

Irland: Ann-Marie

Italien: Sara Pappalardo

Korea: Guzel

Persien: Hossein Fayazpour, Soraya

Polen: Agata Zakrzewska, Agnieszka Marczak Jamilah, Dominika Suchecka, Suraiya Ibrahim

Russland: Delanna, Valeria Putitskaya

Tschechische Republik: Kathreen, Michaela Sladeckova

Ahmet Ögren (Roman Gypsy / Istanbul), Ilhan Karabacak, Engin Isik, Dilek, Erhan Ay

Ukraine: Marta Korzum

Ungarn: Mercedes Nieto

Afritah, Amaya, Angelika Nemeth, Bert Balladine, Bozenka, Dondi, Jillina, Julia Rigler, Kathryn Fergusson, Ma Shuqa, Sadie … Read More »


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ORIENTAL FANTASY – Ein zauberhaftes Showkonzept

Seitdem Beata und Horacio unter dem Begriff Oriental Fantasy Shows produzieren, entsteht alle zwei Jahre ein völlig neues Programm. Die Musik wird in Zusammenarbeit mit Komponisten und Musikern in Ägypten geschrieben und aufgenommen. Beata und Horacio entwickeln neue Konzepte und ihr Enthusiasmus hat eine ansteckende Wirkung auf ihr Publikum. Alles von orientalischer Opulenz über pure Power, Eleganz, innovative Ideen bis hin zu traditioneller Folklore – die Beiden haben den orientalischen Tanz zu einem Fest für die Augen, einem besonderen Ereignis, einer fesselnden Bühnenshow entwickelt!

Oriental Fantasy Digital Goods

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In unserem Oriental Fantasy Digital Goods- Store finden Sie unser Musik-Angebot im MP3 Format. Aussuchen, downloaden, online bezahlen- 24 Stunden/ 7 Tage die Woche!


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Kursvertrag oder doch lieber die 5er Karte? Schüler oder Seniorin? Wir bieten Ihnen individuelle Preismodelle.