Orient de Luxe 2016 – Workshop Descriptions


Mercedes Nieto

Internationally acclaimed oriental dancer, teacher, choreographer based in Budapest, Hungary. Founder and choreographer of the Worldwide famous dance group, the Nymph Oriental Dance Company, founder and organizer of one of Central-Europe’s biggest belly dance festival, the CAIRO! Festival Budapest, regular master teacher and performer of the Nile Group Festival in Cairo, Egypt.


Mercedes 1 – Lyrics and Drama in the Oriental Dance

Expressive modern oriental technique & combinations for the stage – The Nymph Project – technique and creativity, training for advanced and professional dancers

Mercedes 2 – Oriental Routine

Brand new modern Oriental Routine with veil in Mercedes‘ signature style

Mercedes 3 – Oriental Tango

The passion of two dance style melt into one unforgettable dance!



Delanna is very passionate about her profession, she organises the 360° Festival in Osnabrück, won many German and international contests. Following Russian culture she started to dance in her childhood. as a teenager her dance teacher introduced her to Oriental dance and her quest for the roots and essence of this dance took over her life.

The modern and easteuropean influence is clearly recognisable in her style but her true love belongs to the Cairo-Style whom she researched in many trips to Egypt, like in 2015 when she joined the „Journey to Egypt Project“ by Sagra Saeeda.



Delanna 1 – POI TECHNIQUE (basics for beginners)

A clear Poi-Technique is mandatory for creative and beautiful work with one or two Vois. In this class Delanna shows the most important movement, turns and transitions for classical Poi-Dabce and later Voi-work.

Delanna 2 – Voi Choreography

The unique connection between the dancer and her Voi is the base for Delanna’s choreography. To touch and fascinate is the goal – and not only to touch your audience but to touch your own creaitve being at the same time!



The talented dancer and choreographer Mustapha Nait Mazirt, also known as the Oriental Dance performer ZomZom, has been schooled in theatre and dance in the Moroccan city Casablanca. Before that he studied modern Jazz.

He is an expert in Arabic folklore, covering different styles of folklore from Egypt, Morocco, and the wider Middle East. His knowledge and insight in Arabic folklore, Oriental Dance and Theatre, combined with his expertise in Modern Jazz made him a popular dance instructor and performer, not only in France where he resides, but all over the world. His students praise his teaching methods and humor. he has performed in many international shows and festivals in Europe, the US, Morocco and Egypt.

ZomZom 1 – Moroccan Chaabi

Moroccan chaabi uses different rhythms than the Egyptian Shaabi, the word „shaabi“ is used in all Arabic countries, it means that the music and dance are popular (modern). what they all have in common is the happy tempo and the immense FUN!

ZomZom 2 – Dabke (Cabaret Technique)

Dabke is being used at weddings and other happy events. ZomZom teaches the stage version and explains about the background.

ZomZom 3 – Street Shaabi

Fast, fresh, free and flirtatious – music and dance of today, the feeling of the people!


Beata Cifuentes

Beata started taking ballet lessons at the age of 6 years, her first role was „Quarrequaks“, one of the witch’s helpers in Hänsel and Gretel, followed by the sugar-plum fairy in Nutcracker. After High School she tried to lead a „normal“ life by enrolling in medical school, but gave it up to join the dance department of the Etage e.V. in Berlin. During that time she heard „Alf Leila Wa Leila“ sang by Um Kalthoum playing in an arabic book store. From then on she took al available classes in Germany, Egypt, and the US to recapture in dance the feeling of that first musical encounter.

Using the structure of her ballet, modern, and jazz training she opened Berlin’s first dance studio for oriental dance and has trained and influenced many dancers throughout the years.

Beata 1 – Drum Solo

If you like interesting isolations, accents and shimmies, this is the workshop for you! Although a drum solo is impressive in a show, it is not too difficult because there are no complicated transitions and rhythm changes (we have plenty of those in Beata’s other workshop…), just nice even mathematical patterns. All you need is to remember when and where to twitch, contracht and vibrate! And that Beata can explain clearly, so, come and join in the fun!

Beata 2 – Oriental Song

Like in most songs this one is also about love, desire and enjoyable heartache! This song though has more to offer with a bit of spanish flair and proud elegance. With a lot of fluid transitions and rhythm changes we can express a wider variety of emotions like -love, desire, heartache and wild pride!


Horacio Cifuentes

Horacio danced for 8 years as a soloist at San Francisco Ballet in more than 40 classical and modern ballets. He was a guest in many opera houses worldwide and worked with the best teachers and choreographers. By accident he saw a bellydance class and got more and more fascinated. Living in San Francisco he experienced all the great names of the time, both tribal and oriental, f.e. Magana Baptiste, the Salimpour Technique, and many more. In the years since he has used his training and deep knowledge of body and movement  to develop a unique method of teaching from which many tribal and oriental dancers have benefited.



Horacio 1 & 2 – Oriental Solo

Horacio will teach a beautiful complete Opening Routine, elegant and perfect as a grand first impression. Some elements are a bit tricky so he prefers to take more time and explain more deeply. In a rush often times half of the choreography is forgotten or confused because not all was clear in the first place!

He will work so that you can dance only one part if you cannot take both classes. Ideall though you sign up for both workshops, the piece is well worth the effort!