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What is CATT?

CATT (Certified Academic Teacher`s Training) is a certified two-years training consisting of four semesters of ten days each. Is is designed for oriental dance teachers and/or dancers who wish a thorough training and a solid concept from A to Z. It includes private coaching and more than hundred pages of written material. As part of CATT you have the benefit of instruction with internationally renowned dance masters.



The goal of CATT is to educate the students in a didactic merhod so that, after a successful completion of the course, they possess the ability to teach oriental dance. The focus of the CATT training is to polish the dance technique, to give a complete overview on the wide variety of oriental dances and provide thorough knowledge of many subjects which make up a good teacher and dancer.


The training is divided into basic and main training. The basic training lasts for one semester. Admission to main training depends on whether the participant passes the exam at the end of the first term. The main training consists of three semesters, at the end of the second and third semesters will be a mid-term exam. The main exam will take place at the end of the fourth semester. All classes of CATT training are mandatory. Each semester will conclude with an examination with given notes. Participation in all tests is mandatory. (Those who don’t wish to have a certificate, of course don’t need to participate in the exams).


Each semester contains of 10 training daays at the Tanzakademie Cifuentes in Berlin (3 long weekends, for example at Easter) Dates will be announced in advance. Daily schedule of classes: 11am – 6pm.


The aplicats must present proof that they have underfone sufficient training in oriental dancing or other dance forms.




Please ask for detailed CATT rules and registration forms:

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